Hassle Free Romance

Cupid's Planner provides relationship and intimacy coaching.  Specializing in the empowerment and sexual freedom of women.  By awakening a woman’s mind, body and spirit connection, we hope to help women tap into their natural intuition.  So they can become more powerful, more courageous and more insightful.   Maneuvering life challenges with ease and grace.  Our relationship and intimacy coaching services are geared to empower women so they can embrace their sexuality. 


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Have a question about relationships or sex?  Contact us. We will answer your question in one of our weekly blogs.  In the meantime checkout Cupid's Corner.  We provide advice, tips and tricks for the empowerment and sexual freedom of women.  We believe every women should have Hassle Free Romance. 


Cupid’s Planner provides me open and honest opinions on intimacy without feeling guilty about my sexual curiosities.
— A.L.