Cupid’s Planner was created by E.B. Davis.  She created this firm because after learning how to love she succeeded more, enjoyed life more and was able to create meaningful relationships. As she continues on this journey of self-love and appreciation, she wants to share her life lessons with you, by providing you with her coaching and consultation services. She hopes to share and add value to your life. Cupid’s Planner’s goal is to help people love themselves and love others. One might ask, “What do you mean by love?” Cupid’s Planner doesn’t view love in the sense of romantic love, or marriage, but love as the ability to have understanding and compassion for yourself and others.

 E.B. Davis used to be one of those people with high standards and high expectations of everything, the people around her and herself. Those super high expectations and standards left her constantly disappointed with herself and others. This disappointment left her feeling like she was worthless and had no true relationships of value.

 So one day she decided to take a step back. She had traveled all around the world, met many different people, and acquired her Master’s Degree in both Social Work and Public Administration. Overall, she had lived a very blessed life and was very well accomplished so she did not understand the root of her feelings.


   After great reflection she realized she was living her life off of a checklist and not living through her experiences. She needed to refocus her perspective. Life was not about accomplishing as many things as she could; life was about loving and romance.

 Cupid’s Planners hopes to revitalize the power of love back into people’s lives so they too can have Hassle Free Romance. This is not romance in the general sense of dating, but romance in the sense of fun and the excitement of living life. We want to help you plan and jump the hurdles of romance so you can love.

E.B. Davis is a Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical and enjoys traveling, writing poetry as well as spending time with friends and family.  She also has a Master of Public Administration from the University of Southern California.  She genuinely hopes that the combination of her experiences and education can add value to other women’s lives.