Five Tips for Stepping into the New Year Right

I normally do not make New Year’s resolutions.  I prefer to make changes as I see they are needed.  However, there is something about January 1, which rejuvenates me.  It allows me to reflect intensely about whom I am, deep down in my soul.  To avoid any feelings of regret or becoming depressed, I learned to do these five things:

1.  Be thankful.  I had to learn to be thankful for all the things I had, especially the little things.  This is the first time I had to live with my parents since I was 18 years old.  This is definitely not my preferred living arrangement.  However, I was reminded that some people cannot return to their parent’s home and that I should be thankful for having a warm as well as loving roof over my head.

2.  Forgive.  This includes forgiving others and more importantly, forgiving ourselves.  Each day is a different day full of new adventures and challenges. Forgive yourself and others when things do not happen, as you prefer.  Stuff happens.  You are still alive and well.  Above all, you are awesome!

3.  Stop over analyzing. I am famous for this. I can think about something over and over again. I can pull back the layers to any incident.  However, sometimes, things are just what they are. Instead of wasting your time thinking about something move on and do what makes you feel good.  It is true time does heal all wounds.

4.  Stop listening to people.  Many people are not truly concerned about your well-being.  Instead they are mostly concerned about how things affect them or just being nosey.  Determine who is worth listening to and who is not.  When I first started my business I went to a non-profit, which was supposed to help me start my company.  They connected me with a retired CEO who was supposed to help me with my business plan. However, instead of encouraging me and providing me with professional advice the CEO just discouraged me; stating that I could not provide people with sound advice because I was too young. (I think it is important to mention that we never even met in person; so he was basically going off the sound of my voice)  His statement initially ate away at me.  However, I am glad I listened to my inner voice.  I knew I had the insight, courage and the education to help uplift other women like me. – Don’t let people words take away your power.

5.   Stop comparing yourself to other people!  A course other people’s lives look peachy from the outside.  People are very good at putting on airs. 

After I learned not to do these five things at the beginning of the New Year, I was able to rejuvenate, reflect and refocus on my priorities.  If you need help understanding your values and priorities, contact me at Cupid’s Planner. Also do not forget to like our page on Facebook.