Saying No: Part 2

This is a special note about “Saying No” from one of my male correspondents, L.M. Hardman: 

Often times as a people will allow ourselves to become apart of others mind tangling situations, only to be left emotionally distracted, frustrated, angry, or confused.  Why? Is it because we live for the drama? Or in our own way are we attentions seekers? Not realizing that each day, each situation that we encounter more often than not really is someone else’s BS. We allow them to dictate how and what we feel for the rest of our day. Or maybe even two days depending on the individual.  If you are like me it is hard to let go especially when you feel offended or hurt. So you continue to do what I choose to call “mind f*** yourself”. You allow that one incident and comment or statement to control your thoughts to the point of revenge or the need to speak your peace.  However, to truly obtain victory, you have to decide when situations or people are truly worth your time, thoughts or energy.  If they are not, then it is time to say NO!