The Single Girl’s Guide to the New Year

            This will be the second holiday season and New Year that I will be single.  The first time I went through this season single it was awkward.  It was seven years ago. Sailing solo through the holidays was initially frustrating.  Not because I was alone but because many of the holiday and New Year’s activities are family centered and do not appreciate the solo rider.

            Although, people and most events do not appreciate the single girl there is no need for, us, single girls not to enjoy this time of year.  So here are a few tips for enjoying this time of the year as a single girl:

1.     Pamper yourself.  As a single professional girl you have the luxury of making your own money and being able to spend it any way you want.  So take time for yourself and do something you like

2.     Avoid holiday and romantic movies. They are fictional and not based upon real life.  So do not go crazy if you are not having your happily ever after ending now, it will come when it is suppose to

3.     When questioned by family and friends about your relationship status tell them “I am just dating and having fun” or “I have been so busy with work. I do not have the time”.  If people keep pushing the issue ask them about their relationship/marriage and then mention the high rate of divorce and infidelity.  Research indicates that single women are happier than married couples

4.     Volunteer.  Serving others is always very rewarding

5.     Spend time with God.  Pray and meditate on what you have to be thankful for in this past year. Then pray and meditate on your hopes as well as dreams for the New Year

Do not get caught in the hype. Enjoy the holiday season and the New Year as a single girl.  If you need help getting through this season or want to learn meditation techniques contact Cupid’s Planner and don’t forget to follow us on twitter.