The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentines

Valentines Day is known as the day for lovers and couples.  This notion has caused many single girls to feel lonely and out of the loop.  However, Valentines Day is not just for lovers.  It is the day to love to oneself.  Here are five tips for singles ladies to have fun and love filled Valentines:

1.     Pamper yourself.  Show yourself love on this day and everyday.  Get your nails done, hair and/or get a massage

2.     Hang out with your other single girlfriends.  Go out to a bar and wear that hot dress. This is the special occasion you have been waiting for

3.     Join a dating site and show your best face.  Let love find you

4.     Eat your favorite dessert.  Yellow cake with chocolate icing, always seems to do the trick for me

5.     Remember that just because people are in a relationship does not mean that they are happy.  More than half of marriages end in divorce 

While it is important to stay in good spirits on Valentines Day, it is more important to understand what are the roots for your poor spirits.  If you are finding yourself feeling bad because you are single, ask yourself: “why do I need someone else to feel good about myself?  What can a man do for me that I cannot do for myself?”  With so many toys and videos available, it has to be more than your sexual desires. 

If you do not love yourself, you cannot love anyone else. You cannot give, what you do not have.  So this Valentines Day start to love yourself.  Once you love yourself, the right person will find you.  Most men agree that the sexiest thing a woman can wear is self-confidence.  If you need help building your self-esteem, confidence and creating a dating strategy contact Cupid’s Planner at and don’t forget to like us on Facebook.


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