Vampires, they are real. They are not just some sci-fi thrill.  These bloodsuckers lurk around at work, the park, the coffee shop, and the disco.  Some times they are even in your home.  Masquerading around as everyday humans, they will suck the energy right out of you.  Leaving you life-less and wondering what just happened.  They are very good at going undetected and making people believe that they do not exist.  Some vampires do not know they are vampires.  So let me tell you what to be careful of:

1.  People who gossip all the time about everybody.  These people are vampires because they constantly bring negative energy to you.  Instead of putting positive energy in to the world or even themselves, they concentrate solely on bringing people down.

2.     Needy people.  These are the people you always find yourself giving to and never receiving anything back from.  Giving can include materialist things as well as your time, energy and mental space.  You can recognize these people because every time you are around them you feel drained, tired as if you need a nap.

3.     The critic, these are people who can find something wrong with everything.  They always find a way to mention the downside to a situation or person without being constructive.  These types are normally easy to detect but watch out for them because they are definitely dream stealers.

4.     Drama Queens.  Don’t let their title confuse you. Drama Queens can be men or women.  These are the people who always have some type of issue.  They always need advice, help or a shoulder to cry on.  Some how these people always find their selves in a situation and somehow you get tangled in it with them.  Yes, these people are easy to detect but hard to get away from, especially if you are a loyal friend.

If you have encountered one of these four types of people à you have encountered a vampire!  The type to suck the life right out of you.  Now, that you know how to identify a vampire, and be careful because you might be sitting next to one (walk away slowly), it is time for you to set boundaries.  So these vampires won’t leave your veins dry.

            One-way to set boundaries with a vampire, is to not deal with them at all. This is difficult because sometimes vampires are in your family. However, you can figure out ways to spend less time with them.  It is also important to remember vampires cannot return back to their human form; so do not focus your efforts on trying to change them.  Instead focus on the times you have enjoyed with them and determine ways you can replicate those times.  Also, it is important to stay positive when around vampires.  Misery only loves miserable company.  Deflect every negative comment with a positive one.  If they keep being negative bring everything back to the facts.  When encountering vampires do not dwell in the emotional world because things could get messy.  This is a very good technique when dealing with vampires at work. Keep everything professional.

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