What is Your Medicine?

 “Girl, I am too tired for sex and plus my head hurts” is a statement I hear from many women; however, there are two things which has been shown to reduce stress.  The first is exercise and the second is sex.  In fact sex has been shown to decrease the frequency of migraines in many women.  Safe sex with the right person can be very healthy.  Here are some benefits to having sex:

1.     Sex produces stress-reducing hormones. People who have sex have been shown to respond to stress better than those who do not

2.     Sex builds your immune system

3.     People who have sex at least once to twice a week have been shown to have healthier skin

4.     Sex has been shown to help people sleep more soundly

5.     30 minutes of sex can burn up to 85 calories, of course this depends on how many positions you get in to

Overall, sex can be very beneficial.  Good sex with the right person can be life changing.  So if you are feeling fatigued, stressed or sad, pull your sweetie to the side and have some fun between the sheets.  If you are having intimacy issues contact Cupid’s Planner, we offer life and relationship coaching by licensed professionals.  We specialize in the empowerment of women.  Also, do not forget to like us on Facebook