Going with the Flow

The Process of Accepting Change

In life we have many ups and downs.  Sometimes there are more ups and other times there are more downs.  Sometimes, events happen in your favor and other times you get set back.  However, it is important to realize that everything changes.  This includes: people, places, beliefs, and even memories.  Although, all things change, you should not become defeated.  Instead, we should embrace these challenging moments and remember it is through the struggles and our perseverance we truly gain character.

Here are five steps to gracefully accepting change and going with the flow:

1.     Embrace the experience.  Things happen and no one can change the past. Accept that the experience is now a part of you, but does not make you.  You are bigger than one experience.

2.     Laugh!  Yes, I believe that one truly has not matured or learned to live until they can have a good laugh at themselves.  Life really is not that serious.  Laugh and if you have to cry, do that too.

3.     Be grateful, for everything.  The people you have around you, your home, your job and the food you have eaten today.  It is easy to forget that their are children and adults all around the world, even some in your neighborhood, who does not have a warm and safe place to live; let alone food to eat.

4.     Realize you cannot control everything.  You can still be proactive about improving your situation, but not everything is in your power.

5.     Recognize you cannot control no one else, but yourself.  It is also, important to remember you cannot pick your parents, your sisters, your brothers, or any family members.  You even have very limited power in choosing who you work with.  Take these people for who they are because you cannot change them.  Eliminate negative people out of your life.  If you cannot eliminate them, manage how much time you spend with them.  Do not allow anyone to take your joy.

Overall, these are five simple steps we can take to go with the flow and accept change.  Yes, things are not what you expect but they could be much worse.  If you need help embracing change and going with the flow contact Cupid’s Planner.  We specialize in the empowerment and sexual freedom of women by providing Basic Solutions to Everyday Problems.

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