Every once in a while the news broadcast happy events.  Last week, the news’ reporter interviewed a lady who turned 103 years old.  When asked what is the secret to life the elderly lady responded, “Minding my own business.”  When I heard this I literally laughed out loud and said to myself “Life is that simple, uhh?”  However, after thinking about it more closely, I realized that MYOB is a well-kept secret to living a happy life.  Furthermore, it is something that many of us should do more often.

A benefit of MYOB is only concerning yourself with matters that concern you.  It is easy to get drawn into other people’s business or even worse their drama.  However, by MYOB you lessen your chances of taking on any additional stress or responsibilities then your own.

Another benefit to MYOB is avoiding being involved in gossip.  Gossip not only slanders the person, who is the subject of the discussion, but it also diminishes the character of the people doing the gossiping.  Remember if you hang around people who gossip about any and everything, then you are not exempt from their slanderous tongue.

The third benefit to MYOB is you become a less judgmental person.  It is easy to judge and criticize a person when you are not MYOB.  Not to mention, more than likely you do not know the full story or the events which led that person to that particular situation; therefore, you should just MYOB.  Instead, of giving your opinion, which in fact could be considered rude by some if not asked for, sit back and watch the scenario play out.  The truth always comes out in the end.

Overall, MYOB is one simple way to eliminate stress and toxic people in your life.  It also contributes to a happier life.  It will be initially difficult to MYOB if you are use to sticking your nose around where it does not belong; however, just like everything else, practice makes perfect. 

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