Reaching the Big O

Recent research indicates only 33% of women reach an orgasm regularly during sex and most of these women cannot achieve an orgasm with just sex alone.  I think this is a shame!  Sex is one, if not the best stress relief.  Therefore, all sexual activity should not only be enjoyed but also embraced.  Sex should not be considered a chore but an intimate and a pleasurable recreational activity.  Although, one does not need to have an orgasm to enjoy sex, an orgasm does provide that extra icing on the cake.

So take control of your pleasure principle with these 5 tips:

1.     Stimulate your clitoris.  Most women can achieve an orgasm with direct clitoral stimulation.  The best position to achieve the stimulation is the woman getting on top.  You can also stimulate you clitoris directly during doggie style with a toy. You can find a selection of adult toys on  A great toy for clitoral stimulation is the bullet.

2.     Get to know yourself.   Know your body.  Take a mirror and look down there.  It is not gross; it is a part of you.  Locate your clitoris, better yet touch it and learn what stimulates you.  Yes, I just encouraged you to masturbate.

3.      Be in the moment and stop thinking about everything else.  Stop faking an orgasm and have one.  Pay attention during sex to what gets you excited and when it happens let your partner know.  You can even request that he do it again. 

4.     Let go of the goal.  Stop thinking about achieving an orgasm and enjoy all the play, which leads to it.

5.     Embrace your curves.  An orgasm is the proper combination of the right physical contact and also being in the proper mindset.  Let go of all your subconscious thinking and just be in the moment.  Don’t be afraid of enjoying sex or your partner judging you just have fun.  In sex it is the less inhibited girl, which has all the fun.

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