Spicy Hot Summer Sex

Four Tips to Revitalize Your Sex Life

The sun is out and the birds are chirping.  So why not show a little skin and have fun this summer? An easy way to spice up your summer is to spark up your sex life. Here are four tips to have a more playful, adventures, and enjoyable sex life. 

1.     Take it out of the bed. Okay take it out of the bedroom. Do not limit yourself to the simple missionary position on your box-spring bed. Take it to the kitchen and while you are there add whip cream to some of those naughty places.

2.      Make a splash, in more than one way (you get it?). If you have the chance and you are alone (and not breaking any laws) go skinny-dipping in the pool, lake or heck even your bathtub.

3.     Switch it up. Switch up your positions and switch up your routine. If you are night time couple, weak him up for an AM quickie with a wet juicy kiss.

4.     Take a mini local vacation, with no cellphones, laptops and connection to the outside world.  If you cannot afford a mini vacation dedicate a day to just you and your sweetie.  Spend time, talking, and role playing and reconnecting.

Do not let this summer pass you by without a little hot fun in the summer time.  A course there are endless possibilities to spicing up your sex life but whatever you do make sure you do it safe.  Always protect yourself and your partner.  Regular testing and condom use are your best defenses.

Revitalize Your Sex Life

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