Taking Back Your Control

The Power of Controlling Your Reproductive System 

The easiest and simplest way a woman can take control of their life is by taking control of their reproductive system.  This may sound like a naïve concept but as a Social Worker I see many women face from unplanned pregnancies.  The repercussions, which can come culturally, financially and socially from having a baby, can be devastating.  Therefore, I want to encourage every woman to take control of her reproductive system. Do not allow your future to be pre-determined from one lustful night.

The first way to take control of your reproductive system is to recognize who owns it.  You – own your reproductive system; it does not belong to your boyfriend, your husband, or your parents.  It is your gift from the heavens above to carry an enormous blessing.  So embrace it.  The gift of giving birth is what makes us uniquely women.   It is important to understand that your body belongs to you, and you only.  That you have the right to do with your body whatever you decide; however, you should always treat your body with dignity and respect.

The Power of Your Reproductive System

Second, you must educate yourself about how does your reproductive system work.  I suggest you consult your doctor or visit a reputable website, such as the Department of Health and Human Servicehttp://www.hhs.gov/opa/reproductive-health/, or visiting your local community based organization, such as Planned Parenthood.  Once you understand how your reproductive system operates you can better understand how to protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy.  Pregnancies are completely avoidable when the right precautionary measures are taken.

Use condoms and/or birth control.  Most birth control only reduces your chances of getting pregnant and does not protect you from sexual transmitted infections.  Of course sex feels better without a condom but do you really want to risk having a disease for a lifetime for one night?  A child is also present for a lifetime and they can either serve as a reminder of a beautiful blessing or one big mistake.

The third step to taking control of your reproductive system is only dating and having sexual relations with people, who respect your right to self-determination.  Many times as women we can be pressured or forced to do things we are not 100% comfortable with, due to the fear of losing our partner.  Do not be afraid to voice your concerns.  Once you start articulating how you feel the easier it becomes.

Taking these three steps can put you in a position of power.  The power of making a major decision when you are ready to.  If you need help articulating your needs and tapping into your inner power contact Cupid’s Planner we specialize in women empowerment and sexual freedom.  We want to see every woman live the life they want, liberated from social norms. Also do not forget to like us on Facebook or to follow us on Twitter.