In Your Skin: Part 1

Embrace Your Imperfections

It was not until I lived in Los Angeles, CA that I discovered Korean Day Spas.  Once a month for $15 I would spend one day at the spa soaking in the ginseng Jacuzzi and hopping in between the steam room and sauna.  From the moment I walked in, I loved Korean Day Spas. I mean who would not? 

I originally did not know any one when I moved to LA, so I would venture to the spa alone.  However, once I started to make friends I thought “What an excellent girls’ day activity, a day at the spa”.  Well I was wrong. The girls were down for a spa day, but they were not down for a Korean Spa Day.  See there is a catch to the Korean Day Spas, which is you have to be nude, in your birthday suit the entire time.  

“Naked?  Ahhh no!”

“What difference does it make? Everyone there is naked and no body is looking at you because everyone is just relaxing.”

“Ahh, no girlfriend. You are on your own on that one”

Embrace Your Imperfections

Needless to say I was disappointed I did not understand what was the big deal.  There were all types of women there: young, old, Black, White, Asian, Latino, fat, slim, tall and short.  Any shape, color, or culture of women was there and we were all doing the same thing, enjoying our cheap day at the spa. 

The idea of a girls’ day at a Korean Day spa was met by so much rejection, that it made me wonder, “Why are so many women uncomfortable in their own skin?”

The beauty of the Korean Spa lies not in the place but the experience.  The experience of a diverse group of women, all 100% real, gathering in one place for a little TLC without facing ridicule or judgment from the world or one another.   It is this experience, which makes the Korean Day Spa not only a beautiful experience but also an unintimidating experience.

I think the issue of not being comfortable in your own skin is a deeper issue. As women we are often bombarded with unrealistic and unattainable images.  Instead of the reality that most women have stretch marks, uneven skin tones, pouch bellies and hair in funny places.  No body is perfect.  If we underwent as much airbrushing as the actresses and models did on the magazines, we would all look flawless.  However, these images are not real!

So instead of thinking of all the wrong things with your body, I encourage women to think of all the wonderful things about their body.  A woman’s body is the carrier of life.  It is strong and it is wonderful.

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