Tis the Season

As we get ready for the Christmas holiday, many of us will suffer from increased stress and anxiety about giving gifts.  Many of us will spend over our budgets with the plan to play catch up in 2014.  Some may even become depressed because they do not have any friends or family to spend the holiday season with.  As for some people this can be the most joyful time of the year, but for others it can be the most stressful, sad and unfulfilling time of the year.

However, I suggest that we all take a step back and breathe.  Christmas is a holiday meant for the celebration of receiving the greatest gift from God, the gift of Jesus Christ.  Even if you are not religious or spiritual, I believe you can take a special message from this day – which is that the best gifts in life cannot be touched but felt. 

So give the gift of love to your neighbor, but most importantly to yourself.  Give your best to yourself.  Do not let fear, procrastination or social pressures stop you from being your best you. Give yourself the ultimate gift of all, by being your best self. By being your best self you will also give the world a wonderful treasure.  

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