In Your Skin: Part 2

You can start being more comfortable nude, by first practicing being nude.  Take 15 minutes and examine your body.  Look at your curves, look at that long lost scar and just embrace it.  If you start to judge yourself, stop!  Just compliment yourself, for being awesome and brave, for trying something new.

A benefit of being comfortable nude is feeling more comfortable in your clothes.  Examining your body naked helps you to recognize what are you true assets.  Knowing what are your true assets allows you to pick clothes, which enhances those assets.  The sexist thing a woman can wear is confidence.

Another benefit of being comfortable nude is better sex.  Your sex life will improve because you have a new sense of self-assurance, which will make him go wild.  Plus, sex is more fun in the light.  Overall, being comfortable in your own skin will be adding a new, fun and adventures dimension to you.

Do not let anyone take your power or confidence away.  Every woman has an innate intuition to maneuver and jump the masculine obstacles we encounter daily.  All we have to do is own our power and embrace ourselves both inside and out.

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