2014 Double Dares

While I may not be one to believe in New Year’s resolutions, I do believe that this time of the year can be used to reflect and plan.  2013 has come and gone.  In 2013 I am sure we all have experienced hurt, pain, heartache, sickness, health, love, joy, excitement, fear, adventure, and ambiguous situations.  All these experiences, good and bad, are apart of life.

So while 2014 cannot be promised to fulfill all your hopes and dreams, it can be the year that your become your best you.  To do this:

1.     I double dare you to let go all of those self-defeating and negative thoughts;

2.; I double dare you to forgive yourself. No one is perfect and with this being said forgive those you felt who have done you wrong;

3. I double dare you to let go of toxic relationships; especially romantic relationships.  If you want monogamy and more than just “hanging-out or talking” ask for it.  If he does not give it to you, move on;

4. I double dare you to boldly speak your mind.  Speak up for what you want and go for it;

5. I double dare you to try something you have never tried before;

6.I double dare you to spend time alone and enjoy it;

7. I double dare you to try that one thing you always wanted to try but were too afraid of being judged or doing it alone.  You can always meet like minded people when you engage in the activities which interest you;

8. I double dare you to free yourself from judgment.  Stop asking for people’s opinions and follow your heart;

9. I double dare you to open your heart to receive the love you deserve.  Love can only happen through vulnerability;

10. I double dare you to stop feeling guilty for spending over your budget but to plan, budget and work hard for the things you want;

11. I double dare you to help someone else, just because you can;

12. I double dare you to look for small gestures of kindness everyday and practice gratitude;

13. I double dare you to take care of your health. Eat healthy, exercise, go to the doctors and take your medication, but do not beat yourself up if you slip-up;

14. I double dare you to meet new people and maybe even make a new friend;

Life is full of challenges, surprises, fortunes and misfortunes; although we cannot always change our circumstances we can always change our perspective.  Do the best you can, but recognize that sometimes your best may not always be your 100%.  Let go, live, learn and love.


“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” 

― Bil Keane

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