Get on Top for the Long Haul

Missionary position is fun, but riding your man gives you the control and allows you to reach an orgasm faster.  So do not be afraid to roll your man over and ride him like a cowgirl.  Take his penis and gently place it in your vagina.  If you want to make him beg for it, just take his penis and rub it against your clitoris.  Allow him to feel your natural juices before he can fully submerge himself in you.

Once on top and once he is in, you are in control.  You can decide how fast, slow, to bounce, to grind, the angles to place your knees or feet.  Riding your man can be a fun adventure; do not be intimidated or shy.  Men like to see a sexy and confident woman.


Here are five tricks to enhance your ride along with your man:

1.     Grind, rub your clitoris directly against his pelvic bones and move your hips in a circular motion.  This helps you reach an orgasm and it allows your man to feel all your vaginal walls.

2.     Play around with the angles you place your feet.  If you like a deep penetration place your feet flat on the bed and bounce up and down. 

3.     Lean in close to him placing your elbows above his shoulders.  This allows your breast to bounce in front of his face.  Since your nipples are an erogenous zone, this position allows you to have two erogenous zones stimulated at one time.  If you want to get real bold with it, place your breast in his mouth.

4.     If he starts to manhandle you, f*ck him back.  Give it to him the same way he gives it to you.  Do not worry that he is trying to take the control but give it back to him.  Two bodies in motion is a beautiful thing.  Do not worry about who is in control, but focus on having fun and getting pleasure.  If the sex gets to rough, tell him.  You can say something like, “Baby, let me get it the way I like it” with a kiss him and take back over.

5.     Turn around, the backwards cowgirl, is like doggie style but with you setting the tone.  You can place your hands in front of you, on his knees, or even behind you.  Bounce up and down and enjoy the ride.

Being on top of your man allows you to be seductive, sensual and it guarantees you pleasure.  This is the one position where you can have multiple erogenous zones stimulated at once.  It does not take skill or a model perfect woman to do it.  It takes practice, open-mindness and confidence.

Do not worry if your tummy is not washboard flat, you already got him in the bed.  Be confident in your body and your skills and he will appreciate it.  Do not worry if it does not go right the first time, the second time or even the third time.  Riding your man is like riding a bike once you learn it - you got it.

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