Mr. Not So Naughty

Question: “Help!  My boyfriend is awesome.  He treats me better than any of my past boyfriends, but he is awful in the bed.  He has the ‘tools’ to work with but he does not know how to use it. Help!”


Well it does not sound like you have a huge problem on your hands, but a course that depends on how important sex is to you.  So how important sex is to you?  It sounds like it may be a top priority for you.  So with this assumption you have three options:

1.     Stay and deal with the mediocre sex

2.     Leave and take your chances of finding someone who is awesome and is also great in bed

3.     Take him to school and help him become the lover you need

I think the third option is best.  It is not only the best option but also probably the funniest option.  Now, depending on your man this could be something you can talk with him about or this could be something you show him.  Some men are sensitive and may start to feel self-conscious if you critique his abilities in bed.  Consequentially, unintentionally damage the relationship.

If you should decide to show him, here are a few ideas:

1.     Watch porn together and ask him to try new moves with you.

2.     Places his hands where you want them.

3.      Make the first move and attempt to do something new adventures things

4.     Talk dirty to him.  When he does something you like, tell him and ask him to do it again. 

5.     Have fun out of the bedroom.  Sex begins with the mind.  By first intriguing his mind outside of the bedroom you can arise his curiosity between the sheets

6.     Get some toys.  Yes really get some toys. Whips, chains, handcuffs, and lubricants.  You never know what he is into until you try it.  To buy your adult novelties visit

Overall, I believe you are in a great situation.  Sex becomes better with time. One has to learn their partner’s likes and dislikes.  Nevertheless, while sex can be an important component of a relationship, it should not be the focus or the sole binding factor of your relationship.  Sex should used to reinforce the love, the passion, and the closeness of your companionship. 

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