Netflix for the First Date? – I Don’t Think So

So you have met a nice guy and talked a few times on the phone.  He seems cool and you are hoping to get to know him a little better.  Then for the first date he invites you over to watch Netflix.  Now if you are like many of the women I speak to, this is a common scenario.  Instead of the typical dinner and movie, at a theater, for a first date, more and more men are just inviting women over to their home for Netflix.  I must even admit this has happen to me. 

Now if you are okay, with this by all means go over his house and watch movies.  However, I want to caution you.  First you should not go over someone’s house that you just met, for safety reasons.  Do not set yourself up to be a victim of sexual assault or to do something you did not intend on doing.  You are just getting to know him.  So you want your first date to take place where you can make a quick exit if needed.

Second, you are still in the getting to know you phase of the relationship; therefore, you should use this time just as that; a time to get to know him.  While in general I love to watch movies, I believe movies are a bad idea for a first date because you are sitting in silence for two hours.  The time is not being efficiently and effectively used to get to know the other person.  There is not too much you can learn about a person, you do not know, if you do not talk with them.

I spoke with a few of my male correspondents about this matter and they agree the first few dates should not occur in the home.  One of my male correspondents stated the first three dates and another stated the first five dates should not occur in the home. 

“When you start off as a cheap date, you set yourself up to continue as a cheap date.  Everything you do in the beginning of a relationship sets precedent for the future.”

As women we should be strategic about how we date, with our safety and wellbeing being of the utmost importance.  So my belief is no to Netflix as a first date.  Use your first date as a time to get to know the other person.  First dates should be fun and engaging.  Not creepy.

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Where is the creepiest place you had a first date?

Do you think Neflix is an appropriate first date?


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