The Goose Got You Feeling Loose

Grey Goose, Ciroc, beer, Merlot, Chardonnay, and my personal favorite Cognac can all be used to ease out of a hard day of work.  Drinking socially with friends and family provides time for fun, dance and laughter.  Yes, you can get turnt-up but just remember there is a thin line between being turnt-up and a drunk.

No one likes the company of a sloppy drunk; now true friends will tolerate you throwing up, cussing and embarrassing yourself in public.  However, they will begin to avoid you if your distasteful behavior continues.  Do not let Beyonce fool you alcoholism has broke up many marriages.  No one wants to babysit an adult.

While alcoholic beverages can be used to have a good time, drinking too much can cause a fun night to go downhill quickly.  Your words get slurred, you stumble when walking, and even worse you cause chaos amongst the company you keep.

Drink but do so responsibly.  Do not drink and drive; remain mindful of your words, as well as actions and more importantly, be the friend that people don’t mind hanging with after a few drinks.  Drink but do not allow the alcohol to control you.  

Alcoholism is a serious condition.  If you are finding alcohol interfering with your relationships, employment and disturbing your day-to-day activities, you have a problem.  Addictions are very difficult to overcome.  Therefore, it is important to seek professional help.  If you need help please check out