A Single Girl’s Winter Storm Kit

Groundhog Phil saw his shadow; therefore, it is forecasted that we will have 6 more weeks of winter.  Now, if you are in the northeast part of the States this could mean 6 more weeks of snowstorms.  However, do not be weary for Cupid’s Planner has 6 essential items for the single girl who is stuck in the house.

1.     A heroic movie about women.  One of my personal favorites is Kill Bill Vol. I and II.  Uma Thurman kicks ass in this movie from start to finish.  This is not your typical sappy happy ending movie, but this movie is about a strong woman writing her own life story.

2.     A bottle of wine or two.  My personal favorite is Riesling. 

3.     Your favorite cheese. While I am typically an ice cream girl, there is nothing like your favorite cheese, crackers and wine.  I like goat cheese and water crackers.

4.     Your favorite scented candle to set a relaxing mood.

5.     A good book.  One of my favorite books is Tess of the d'Urbervilles.  Another favorite is Pride and Prejudice.  Both of them are about women who are in timeless situations with men.

6.     Your little black book.  Call up that hottie that you have not talked to in a while.  See if he would like to come over and hang out. 

If you do not have a little black book, then get a bullet and some batteries.  You can still get yours too, without him.  Check out Cupid’s Treasure Chest, www.tabooessentials.com/cupidstreasurechest, to see our array of adult novelties and toys. 

These 6 items should allow you to shake off the cabin fever, which may have set in over the past few weeks.  Remember time alone can be a good time for you to discover yourself.  So do not fret over this down time and instead use it to get closer to yourself.

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