Are Women the Only Ones who Need Closure?

It has happen to the best of us, you are in a groove with a guy that you really like and suddenly the relationship turns sour.  You do not understand what happen and he did not give you any answers because he just disappeared.  Whatever the case is, you have to figure out how to move on from this relationship without him.

Steve Harvey, the self-proclaimed relationship expert, believes that closure is something that only women need and men do not need it.  So I thought about this, are women the only ones in relationships who need closure?

Communication is 90% non-verbal; therefore, it is suggested it is not only important to listen to what someone is telling you but to pay attention to one’s actions as well. Now, while I agree that it is certainly rude not to return someone’s calls and to avoid them; I believe those actions are your closure.  If someone is avoiding you and stops all communication with you, then what more do you need? 

Yes, an explanation would be preferable and courteous; however, I believe the most important point lays in his actions – he ended the relationship with you, in probably one of the most disrespectful ways.  This is not a reflection of you but a reflection of him.  He is a coward.  Some might say well we were just friends and “I do not owe her sh***”.   However, a true man, or anyone with any human decency, can provide a short and sweet explanation to why they are dissolving ta relationship with you; especially when it is not evident to you. 

Regardless, if you get an explanation or not, one needs to be able to move on.  Sometimes we close chapters of our lives without important characters.  This is your story!  No one else can determine how your story ends, so move on and go on to something better.  If a man stops speaking to you with no explanation, it is his loss.  He lacks common decency and maturity to be with a good woman.  Move on and find someone who is not afraid to communicate with you. 

Nevertheless, even if you were provided with an explanation, what would be a good enough reason?  Sometimes, it is best to leave well enough alone.  You got your answer. It just did not come in the form you expected or respected.

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