3 Signs He Wants You to Chase Him

In all new relationships we want to put our best foot forward; however, there is a fine line between courting and chasing someone.   Here are 3 signs that he wants you to chase him:

1.     He does not contact you.  If you find yourself calling, texting, or emailing him first all the time you are chasing him.  If a person is truly interested in getting to know you, they will contact you.  People make time for what they want.  So do not get fooled with the “I am so busy” nonsense, a text only takes a few seconds.

2.     He says he always wants to hang out but never asks you.  So you find yourself being the only one asking for a date.  This is a mind game. He puts on the persona that he wants to hang out but does not follow through, because he knows you will.  By doing this he is making you put more effort into the relationship than him.

3.     He is hot and cold.  Sometimes you feel like this could really work and then other times you feel like you are on the date from hell.  This is another mind game.  By making you feel like something is wrong with you.  Do not get played.

While these definitely could be signs that he wants you to chase him, these could also be signs that he really just is not that into you.  He could like you but not in the same manner you like him.  And this is what is key, reciprocity.  Relationships are about giving and taking.  So if you find yourself doing most of the giving, it is suggested that you move on.  Do not become anyone’s doormat.

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