My Ryde or Die Chick: A Tribute to My Mother

Although, Mother’s Day was a week ago, I wanted to share with the world my love for my mother.  My mother is a major part of who I am today.  She loves me, supports me, encourages me and more importantly accepts me for who I am. 

My mother has taught me to live life like a force of nature: to be bold, honest and unapologetic for being E.B..  Through my lowest times and highest times I know I have a fan, a cheerleader, on my side to dust me off and left me back up.  I am thankful to have a mother, who not only knows how but also knows when to be a mom and a friend. 

I know many may say this is what a mother is supposed to do; however, my mother’s love is a special kind of love.  It is a love that sees deep down in my soul and can tell by the slightest facial expression when I am hurt, sad, happy or mad.  It is a special type of love, which will never allow me to go missing for more than 8 hours at a time because she is always thinking about me.  It is a special type of love, which forgives me even when I am a brat.  It is a special type of love, that makes you think you are rich even when you are broke.  It is a special type of love; which through many sacrifices never weakens but only grows stronger.  It is a special type of love that surpasses your traditional role and my unconventional ways to allow us to meet at a mutual place of understanding and respect.  It is a very special love, difficult to put in words.  It is the love I feel only from my mother, that special type of love. 

Thank You Ma, I love you for loving me so unconditionally and helping me become the woman I am today.