3 Things All Good Girls Can Learn from Bad Girls

We all know them, girls who roam freely, says the first thing, which comes to her mind,  and wears super tight and short skirts.  Many of us consider them bad girls, because they push back against all social norms.  However, I am here to tell you these girls are not bad girls, these girls are women who are in touch with themselves.

While a lady should always be classy and smart, they should also have a dash of spice.  This spice is them knowing their selves and being unapologetic for being who they are.

So here are 3 things every good girl can learn from a bad girl:

Lesson from a Naughty Girl

1.     You are only as sexy as you feel.  So wear that dress which may be a little too short, dare to wear that color which may not be so flattering and wear those heels a few inches taller than you normally would.  Wear what you want and push your comfort zone.  Recognize the sexiest thing a woman can wear is her confidence.  Women who are in touch with themselves are comfortable in their skin, they know their bodies and they know what works for them.  They have learned from trial and error, and forgiven themselves when they got it wrong. 

2.     You recognize that you are not perfect and you accept your imperfections.  No one is perfect.  The in touch woman knows her imperfections and understands that she is still loveable despite her imperfections.

3.     You stop apologizing for the decisions you made.  Again no one is perfect and everyone is entitled to mistakes.  However, the in touch woman understands that she does not need to explain herself to anyone.  Her decisions are hers and if it does not affect any one else, it is none of their business.

It is important we understand who we are and why we are the way we are.  The in touch woman knows and understand that she is imperfect but that she is still worth love.  She embraces herself and is not afraid to shine from within.

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