3 Warning Signs Your Vagina Gives You

Your vagina is what I would like to call the gates to many wonders.  You can experience great pleasure, give life, and also experience great pain with your vagina.  Here are three warning signs your vagina gives you:

1.     It has an odor.  All vaginas have a natural smell; however, when you have an extreme odor coming from your vagina it is time to go to the doctor.  This is not good.

2.     Discharge, while some discharge is natural any thick, creamy, yellowish and smelly discharge should be checked by your doctor.

3.     Itching, if you are experience itching of any kind this is not a good sign, you should visit the doctor.

While Cupid is not a medical professional we promote the wellness of women.  We want all women to know what is normal and what is not normal for their crown jewels; so if you have any of the symptoms above make an appointment to see your doctor.  These could be signs of a sexual transmitted disease, infection, or even cancer. So go see your doctor.

This blog is for informational purposes only and any medical conditions should be examined by a licensed health care professional. 

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