Dating in the Work Place – Yes or No?

I am a firm believer in not sh*tting where you eat, for a lack of a better term.  However, in more proper terminology I am a firm believer in having clear boundaries between work and play.  So NO do not date where you work, better yet do not have personal relationships with your colleagues.  Here is why: you do not want any unnecessary drama at any place were you spend the majority of your day.

Friends and colleagues deserve to be in two separate categories.  Business and play can get messy.  The behaviors you tolerate from a spouse or a possible spouse are much different than those you tolerate from a co-worker.  More importantly, while you maybe able to control your emotional response to a co-worker, you may not be able to do the same for a boyfriend.  Maintaining a friendship or just simple communication with an ex is hard enough, without the complications of work added to it.

When you date at your work place you run the risk of having to see someone 5 days of the week that you once slept with, made love to, or even loved; therefore making him automatically unique and different than your other colleagues.  Not only do you run the risk of having to see your ex on almost daily bases, you also run the risk of having your personal business spread throughout the work place.  Another huge risk is having your professional image tarnished.  Your professional image can be ruined from your personal business being spread throughout the office or simply the unprofessional appearance of dating at the work place.

Now, one may say there is risk with every relationship, but the risk with dating at the work place can spread to more than your love life.  However, if these risks seem small in comparison to the love you may acquire, then try it.  If you can manage your feelings around someone who possibly dumped you, played you, used you or even simply just loved you, then by all means try it.  However, you have to be honest with yourself.  Can you really control your emotions to the extent it will not affect your work product or collaboration efforts?  Do you feel comfortable with your colleagues knowing intimate details of your life?  If you are not ready for these things then I say it is better safe than sorry.  So just say NO to dating in the work place.

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