The Best Revenge for an Ex

So you just found out the man you thought could have been your husband is actually a douche-bag.  He lied about everything and misled you to believe you were the only one.  Now you are in your feelings and you want to get back at him.  You want him to feel the same way you do. You are out for blood.  So what should you do?

Be the best you can be.  Be the woman he wishes he never let go of, and you do that by letting go and moving on.  Simple, right?!  While it is easy to get caught up on revenge and how you are going to teach him a lesson, karma has its own way of working things out.  What goes around comes around.  You are not responsible for what anyone has done to you because you cannot control his or her actions.  The only thing you can control is you.  So do not regret being kind and letting him into your life.  What you felt was real, if it was only for that moment.  Let it go and move on.

Be the woman he wishes he never let go of, even if you never see him again.  Take this time to focus on yourself.  Get connected to your higher power.  Spend time with your girlfriends and family.  Just do you.  Spend time alone and determine what it is that you really want and like.  Reflect on the situation and learn from it.  After learning from it, move on.

No this may not be the best or most coldly served revenge plan.  This is the revenge plan, which takes you to a higher level of maturity and sophistication.  This is not about him; this is about you gaining inner peace of heart, body, mind and soul. 

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