5 Tips for Anal Sex

While many consider anal sex as taboo, others consider it the ultimate pleasure principle.  There is no better way to determine if anal sex is right for you other than trying it.  So leave the wondering to curious minds and take a step out of your comfort zone.  Here are five tips to for having anal sex:

1.     Relax.  Being tense causes your muscles to tighten, which constricts your anal canal making it more difficult for penetration.  So just relax.

2.     Lubrication.  Use tons of lubrication.  I mean tons of lubrication.  Use an water based lubrication when using a condom because oil based lubricants can cause condoms to break.  It is always suggested to use condoms when having anal sex due to the increased risk of contracting a sexual transmitted disease.

3.     Foreplay, I suggest doing a significant amount of foreplay and oral sex before attempting anal sex.  Your vaginal juices will begin to flow down to your anal area if properly stimulated.

4.     Gradually progress.  Your first attempt at anal sex, you may not be able to penetrate with a penis.  So you may want to start with first inserting your fingers or using anal beads.  Inserting the smallest bead first and gradually increasing to the largest bead and then attempting to penetrate with a penis.  Remember to go slow, especially if this is your first time.

5.     Double the pleasure.  If you feel comfortable with anal sex try inserting a dildo or vibrator into your vagina at the same time.  There is a central nerve between your anus and vagina, which gives you great pleasure.

With any sexual act, you should only do what you are comfortable with and what you like.  Do not give into the pressure of your partner or anyone else.  Be safe and have fun.

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