Zombie Relationships

Three Signs Your Relationship is Over

Zombie Relationship: A relationship that has gone past its expiration date.  Living without a soul, love and possibilities.

Sometimes, despite our better judgment we hold on to the hope that our relationships will change for the better, when there is no indicator they will improve.  These relationships are zombie relationships.  They are alive, but they are not living.  They are not filled with love, possibilities or hope.  These relationships are often difficult to spot, because they look just like a relationship and often times the people in the relationship do not know they are dead. 

So here are three signs that you are in a zombie relationship:

1.     Repeated arguments: You keep arguing about the same situations, people, and things.  There is no reconciliation in sight and you can’t compromise, agree to disagree, and you are left feeling bitter.  Healthy relationships have constructive disagreements and sometimes full blown-out arguments; however, healthy relationships find resolutions that do not leave either party feeling sour.

2.     Bad sex:  Sex is not the most important aspect of a relationship, but it is fundamental.  So if you are no longer having sex or you are having sex and not enjoying it, there is a problem.  Healthy relationships have a quality sex life.  Sex in healthy relationships is an extension of the love they share for one another.

3.     You are Tired:  If you find yourself avoiding your partner more than spending time with them; more importantly, if you are finding yourself more at peace and happier without them, your relationship has expired.  I am a firm believer in quality verses quantity; nevertheless, healthy relationships have a balance of both.

Relationships are hard work.  So finding the right person and creating a healthy relationship is not an easy endeavor.  Therefore, it is important to stay mindful of your standards, priorities, and your happiness.  Calling the quits on a relationship is not easy, especially after you have invested time, energy and love into them. However, zombie relationships are not healthy for the people in them or the people around them.  Remember what do zombies do?  They eat the living.  Unhealthy relationships will ripple over into other areas of your life.

Nevertheless, love is a powerful thing.  It can conquer all.  Yet it will require two people fully invested in making it work.  Contact a marriage or family counselor to seek professional help, but remember not every relationship is meant to last.

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