Three Reasons You are Not Having an Orgasm

Tips for Having an Orgasm 

I once read that only 25% of women have orgasms during sex, that means there are 75% of women, who are not having orgasms.  This means that in a room of four women, only one woman is having consistent orgasms.  These are alarming numbers and Cupid’s Planner wants to help every woman meet their sexual peek.

So Here are the Top Three Reasons You are Not Having an Orgasm:

1.     You do not know your body.  Most women cannot have orgasms from vaginal penetration alone.  Instead they require clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm.  

Question: Do you know where you clitoris is and what it is for?

The sole purpose of your clitoris is for sexual pleasure.  So examine your body and learn about your bodily functions.  More importantly, you need to pay attention to the times you are enjoying sex; this will help you identify your likes and dislikes.

2.     Medication or having an illness can affect your ability to have orgasms. Certain medications interfere with your ability to have orgasms and because we here at Cupid’s Planner are not doctors, we encourage you to have thorough discussions with your doctor about your medication’s side effects.  It is well known, that certain anti-psychotic medications, anti-depressant medications, and medications used to treat high blood pressure and cholesterol can cause sexual dysfunction.  Work with your health care provider to over come any illnesses or side effects to medications interfering with a healthy sex life.

3.     You are not in the mood or zoning out during sex.  Sex is not only a physical experience, but also a mental and spiritual experience.  It requires your full attention.  Drifting off to your to do list or thinking about past arguments with your spouse can interfere with your ability to enjoy sex.  One rule that I work by is if you are not in the mood to have sex, do not have sex just to please the other person.  Sex is about both parties reaching their full peaks.  Healthy communication with your partner can help you get into the mood to have sex and more importantly enjoy sex.

Sex is a subject women often blush about or are too ashamed to discuss.  Work with your health care providers to fully understand and overcome your sexual dysfunctions.  I am a firm believer that if you are having sex, you should be enjoying it.  If you are not enjoying sex and not truly connecting with your spouse, then what is the point of sex?

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