30 Lessons by 30 Years Old

I recently celebrated my 30th birthday.  Okay, I know this is not a big deal because, if God continues to bless me like he has, I will have many more years to come.  Nevertheless, I have learned many important lessons in this time and I would like to share them with you.

1.     30 is a wonderful age.  I still feel young, but I also feel like I finally hit the mark to where I do not have to prove my adulthood to anyone.

2.     Good times equate to good food, great people, and positive vibes. 

3.     Friendships shift and change over time.  People get married, have children, move away and etc.  True friendships will remain regardless of your or your friend’s life stage.

4.     Being vulnerable is not a weakness.  Knowing who to become vulnerable with and becoming vulnerable with them can be a beautiful thing.

5.     No one will look out for your own best interest the same way you can.  It is not being selfish to put your own well-being as a priority, because no one else will do it for you.

6.     Bad sex is worst than no sex.

7.     Good sex does not equate to having a healthy relationship.

8.     Falling and scrapping your knee hurts.  It is not like when you are 5 years old.  So I really try not to fall.

9.     Even when things are going good there will always be challenges.

10. Do not wait for the perfect time to do something.  There is no such thing as the perfect time.  The time is now.

11. Quieting your inner voice can kill your soul, but speaking it can make you come alive. 

12. Not every battle is worth fighting.  Do not let your pride get in the way of you receiving blessings.

13. Surround yourself with positive people and people who have similar interest as you do.  They will challenge you to grow and motivate you in difficult times.

14. Keep a diverse group of friends.  They will challenge you to think outside your box and go outside of your comfort zone.

15. Treat everybody you meet with respect and kindness.  You do not know what type of battle they are fighting.  You also never know when you will see that person again or if you will need that person in the future.

16. It is never to late to say what is on your mind.  You can always go back and address a situation. 

17. Everyone is a little crazy.  You just have to meet the type of crazy that fits your crazy.

18. Alone time is good, precious and useful.

19. If you want something go get it.  It will not come to you.

20. The ability to laugh at yourself will get you through so many tough times.

21. Cheap shoes not only make your feet hurt but your back too.

22. Sometimes it is easier just to pay someone to get the job done.  Other times, you should just do the job yourself.

23. Your gut never lies. 

24. Sleeping late never gets old.  Although, all morning people will make you feel like you should also be a morning person.

25. There is a difference between what people are capable of doing for you, what people want to do for you, and what they will do for you.  It is up to you to determine the three.

26. It is okay not to know what the new rap songs are talking about.  The people rapping them do not know what they are talking about.

27. If you are lucky, your mother morphs into a hybrid-friend.

28. You realize age does not reflect maturity.

29. Self-care days are worth it.

30. Love starts from within. 

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