Three Small Ways to Show Your Husband You Still Have the Hots for Him

Keeping the Fire Alive in Your Marriage

After years of being married it is easy to forget to show your husband that hey you still have the hots for him.  Lets get real, you are taking care of the children, cooking, cleaning and working 40 hours per week.  You love your husband and you would do anything for him; nevertheless, the days seem to zoom by and quality time with your husband is practically non-existent.  Memories of the old days haunt you.  Well it is never to late.  Everyone likes to feel special.  So give your husband butterflies one more time in three small ways.

One easy way to show your husband you still have the hots for him is to flirt with him.  Yes, flirt with him.  It may sound a little cheesy, but do something similar to what you did when you first met him.  Did you compliment him often, did you wear short skirts and switch in front of him.  Do not worry about being cheesy or corny just flirt with him. For instance, while he is taking out the trash you can say something like, “Wow, you look mighty strong taking out the trash” and giggle.  It may be silly and corny but as long as you are being yourself, it will work. It worked the first time, so it will work again.

A second tip, to remind your husband you have the hots for him is looking the part.  Okay, I do not want to sound superficial; however, it is easy for us to let our looks fall to the waste side when we are balancing, so many other things.  AND YES, I do believe your husband should love you regardless of how you look.   However, I do know men are visual creatures, so give him a visual reminder of the woman he fell in love with.  He will get the point.  Do not be subtle with your dress code either; be obvious.  Wear a nice dress or better yet some lingerie.  Get him in the mood.

A third tip to remind your husband that you still have the hots for him is telling him; better yet tell everybody else.  Tell your family how much you love your husband and tell your children how much you love their father.  Brag about your husband. Let him know that he is appreciated.  This will not only indicate to your husband that you love him but it will indicate to the world a united front.  Plus it will show your children positive qualities of your husband that they may have overlooked.

Falling in love with your husband is a continuous process. You do not just do it once.  You do it over and over again.  Do not forget the reasons you fell in love with your husband in the first place.  Let go of the serious adult you have become and remember the fun as well as the adventure that brought you two together; so you can have Hassle Free Romance.   Contact Cupid's Planner to learn more about intimacy and relationship coaching services.