5 Things Single Women Should Do Before Settling Down

Marriage can be a beautiful thing.  However, as women when we get married and have children we can often lose sight of our old selves in our new roles of wife and mother.  Therefore, I think all women should do these 5 things before settling down:

1.     Travel Alone: Traveling opens your mind to new and different cultures, people, foods, activities and scenarios.  When you travel alone you can be as naughty or nice as you want.  You also get to participate in activities that you normally would not because you are not pressured into group activities that you do not want to do.

2.     Have a Career: Okay, this does not mean you need to be a CEO or be a business executive,  but this does mean that you need to have your own method of being able to provide and support yourself.  Being in a relationship is a delicate balance of independence and partnership. 

3.    Have Fun:  Enjoy life. You only live once and you are only young once. This does not mean you act like a fool, but this does mean that you make mistakes, you learn, you live, you love, you laugh and grow.  This means you stop living life according to the rulebook that you have been given and you write your own rules. You do so using dignity and respect for yourself and others.  Moreover, from time to time, you challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

4.     Recognize Your Parents are Only Human: Your parents are important parts of who you are, they help model and shape your beliefs, as well as values.  So it is important for us as adults to recognize the impact our parents’ behavior have on us; so we can forgive as well as accept them. 

5.     Get a Hobby:  Lets face it, the role of mommy and wife will take up much of your time.  So making sure you have your own outlet whether it is hanging with girlfriends, watching movies, exercising, crocheting, or painting to release the stress of the day is important. 

It is important, that as women we are not simply defined by the roles we hold, but that we take time to explore ourselves.  It may sound cliché but the better you know yourself the easier it is for you to set boundaries, pursue your dreams, and relax.  These 5 steps do not capture everything, but they are very important steps a woman should take in discovering herself. 

The journey of self-love, appreciation and gratitude is easier to start when you are single and you have fewer obligations to others.  The additional roles and responsibilities we pick up in life allow us to add depth and different dimensions to the journey of self-love.  Nevertheless, the self-love journey is never to late to start.  So if you are married with children you can still start this journey of self-love.  Contact Cupid’s Planner to learn more about our intimacy and relationship coaching services. We specialize in the empowerment and sexual freedom of women. 

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