3 Bedroom Tips for Curvy Girls

Overcoming Sex Hurdles for Plus Size Women

Being a plus size women offers a set of unique challenges in getting your groove on.   However, when you see an obstacle you must jump it, or jump on it (smile).  No matter your dress size, bra size, color of skin, height, shoe size or even the color of your hair should determine the pleasure or the joy you receive from sex.

The first step to enjoying sex as a curvy girl is to stop worrying about your appearance.  All women have stretch marks, cellulite, dark spots, and extra meat, even super models.  So stop dwelling on your imperfections and start focusing on your assets, your curves.  Plus it is your imperfections that make you unique.

On another note, if you are concerned if he likes you ask yourself,  “How has he been treating me? Did I see any red flags? What am I afraid of?” If he has been treating you respectfully, with integrity, and showing you love as well as kindness then go with it.  Stop second-guessing yourself and the situation.  Be confident in your ability in picking the right mate.  Pay attention to red flags, but remember everyone is entitled to a mistake.

The second step to enjoying sex as a curvy girl, or for any women in this matter, is to let go of all your inhibitions.  Stop thinking of all the things you cannot do, all the positions you are limited too and start doing all the ones you can do.  Most importantly start trying all the new positions you wanted to try.  

A good position for curvy girls is doggie style, because it allows deep penetration and direct stimulation of your clitoris.  Another good position for curvy girls is missionary with a twist.  Place a pillow below your pelvis, so it is tilted up and pull your knees to your chest.  This position takes your thighs out the way and allows for deep penetration.  Missionary also takes a lot of the pressure off you, so he is doing all the work.

The third and most important step to spicing up the bedroom is being true to you.  Love yourself and be comfortable in your skin.  Sex is not a chore but is a pleasurable experience. So do not over think it.  Sex is a mind, body, and spirit experience; so go with the flow.

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