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How to Love as a Scorned Woman

I have heard the saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."  The movie A Thin Line Between Love and Hate portrays a scorned woman and her revenge on a lover; which ultimately lands her in jail.  While this movie depicts a drastic reaction to being scorned; there are still many women, who everyday carry the baggage of a failed love.

So how do you know if you are a scorned woman? First you suffered from heartache or heartbreak.  Ultimately, you felt an injustice in your relationship.  Second, the injustice that you felt in your relationship lingers on and you cannot shake that feeling.  Furthermore, you cannot let your ex go or the past.  Thirdly, you have trouble trusting and you are suspicious of everything.  Although, this is not a comprehensive list it highlights the major indicators of a scorned woman.

Vulnerability the gateway to love

Scorned women carry their baggage of mistrust, insecurity, doubt, self-doubt, and hopelessness like shackles.  They are moving forward, but they are not moving with the ease and grace they were intended too.  So how can you overcome your past of being a scorned lover? – By loving unconditionally.

No this does not mean you fall head over heels for the first guy you see and this does not mean you ignore red flags; what it does mean is that you allow yourself to be vulnerable with the right person.  It means you practice loving your self by allowing yourself to love others and be loved by someone else.  It means taking the chance to love, although, the love may not be reciprocated.  It means entering relationship when nothing in life is guaranteed.  It means following your God-given intuition and putting a stop to a relationship when you see it is not going in the direction you want.  It means setting boundaries, but to also break through barriers.

Love is not guaranteed, nothing in life is guaranteed.  However, it is only through your vulnerabilities that you can truly love and be loved.  The right person will see through your love wounds and the right person will break them down, if you allow them.  So do not let your past shape your future; but instead you shape your future through love, compassion and understanding - starting with yourself.

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