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6 Tips for Keeping Your Vagina Healthy

Vaginas are designed to keep themselves healthy and fresh.  However, proper hygiene is imperative for maintaining this natural balance.  Here are five tips for maintaining a healthy vagina:

1.     Regularly wash your vagina with mild soap and water.  Do not be fooled by the dozens of perfumes, douches, and wipes, which state they help eliminate vaginal odor.  Introducing external chemicals to your vagina can upset its PH balance, which can cause vaginal odor.  Perfumes, sprays, douches, and wipes do not irritate some women; however, these products are not necessary to obtain a healthy and fresh vagina.  So it is not recommended to use these products.  A simple mild soap and water can do the trick. 

2.     Maintaining a healthy diet is critical to sustaining a healthy vagina.  Your diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Probiotics also assist in maintaining your vagina’s natural PH balance.  Also do not forget to drink plenty of water.  

Healthy Vagina

3.     Cotton underwear, now while these may not be the sexiest underwear, they allow the circulation of air and your vagina to breathe.   Cotton underwear also absorbs moisture, which decreases your potential of obtaining an infection.  It is recommended to wear cotton underwear during the day and especially when exercising.  However, at night when you are on your way off to bed feel free to go underwear free.  Allow your vagina time to breathe.

4.     Practice safe sex.  Having your male partner wear a condom during sex decreases the potential of having unwanted bacteria introduced to your vagina.  Also, make sure to wash or change condoms when switching from anal sex to vaginal sex.  Your anus contains many different bacteria, which could cause vaginal infections.

5.     Change your tampon and sanitary napkin regularly.  Do not keep your tampon in for long periods of time.  Read the tampon package to determine the maximum amount of time to keep one in.  Most tampons suggest that you do not leave them in longer than 8 hours.  Also, leaving a sanitary napkin on for a long time, longer than 4 hours, increases the potential for infections and skin rashes.  Keep a change of tampons or sanitary napkins on you at all times, when on your menstrual cycle.  This ensures that you have one available when it is time to change.

6.     Go to the doctor for your annual check-ups and when you do not feel right.  Every woman’s body is different.  All vaginas produce discharge and have a natural odor.  However, when the odor becomes foul smelling and the discharge is milky, sticky, or cheese like you should consult your doctor. 

Proper vaginal hygiene ensures that you are ready when the mood strikes.  Do not let fear and anxiety stop you from experiencing the pleasure of sex.  Have safe sex and take care of your health, just do not forget your vagina.

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