Are You Ready for Motherhood?

5 Signs You’re Not Ready For Motherhood

So I have been blessed with two wonderful nieces.  My nieces are awesome and at this point I did not think I could meet any more spectacular children.  Okay, they are not kids any more they are 21 and 24 years old (but they will always be my babies).  Then my niece had her son and I became a great-aunt.  That baby boy is perfect!  He is cute, alert, and has the smoothest skin. 

I was overjoyed when my niece asked me to babysit.  Of course, I would baby-sit; although, I have not baby-sit a two month old in 21 years.  This could be my practice for when I am blessed with a baby of my own.  However, at 3 am (3 o’clock in the morning) he started to cry.  Then this cry turned into a cringing scream, of bloody murder, all over some milk.  It was then, 3 o’clock in the morning, that I realized motherhood was not for me, just yet.  I love my sleep.

So here are 5 Signs that you may not be ready for motherhood:

1.     You like living on your own time schedule.  If you are anything like me, I celebrate Saturdays by sleeping in late and staying out late.  I can do that because I work hard, Monday thru Friday.  Sometimes I even work 60 hours per week.  So if I want to sleep late, I do so.  I do not owe anyone any explanation or excuse.  I run my errands and do my chores when I please.

5 Signs You are Not Ready for Motherhood

2.     You do not like putting the needs of others before yours.  This does not mean you are selfish, it just means you want what you want when you want it.  When you become a mother, you have to constantly balance your needs, your child’s needs, your husband’s needs, work, extended family, friends and etc.  No, this does not mean your child is a burden.  It just means that when you are a mother your priorities change drastically.  Being a mother means you are prepared to put someone else’s needs before yours.

3.     You do not know how to show affection.  This is huge because children are like gardens.  They reflect the nurturing, care and love they receive from their parents.  So if you have not worked through your own emotional baggage, you will start to project that on your child.  Being a competent parent requires you to be emotionally mature.  It requires a high level of understanding, forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love.  A loving parent does not hold grudges against their child.

4.     You have a hard time making decisions.  Motherhood requires you to be able to make hard decisions not only for your life, but also for someone else’s life.  If you are always relaying on others for advise, you may need to have more life experiences before taking someone else’s life in your hands.

5.     You never wanted children.  If you never wanted children then you should not let society or your spouse push you into having a child.  Having children is a lot of responsibility and is a life long decision.  So if you are not sure you want children make sure to practice proper family planning.  Additionally, only enter into a relationship with someone, who will respect your body and your right to control your reproductive system.

Although, my baby-boy is a joy to have I realized for me right now, I enjoy functioning on my own time.  So being a great-aunt is a better deal then motherhood, for me, right now.  I can hang with the little fella when I want and I can hit the road as I please.  So it is a pretty sweet deal.

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