Getting Your Goals Right for 2015

Lesson Learned from Empowered Women Summit

Wow the Empowered Women Summit 2015 was fantastic.  It was a jammed packed day filled with information and inspiration.  It really helped me refocus my goals and priorities for 2015.  So for those who missed it here are my major take-aways.

Building Your Personal Wealth

Shelia Woodard

  •  Live below your means.  Start living below your means today.  If you do not learn how to live below your means with what you earn now, you will not know how to live below your means when you earn more money.
  •  Set a financial plan and stick to it.  You must have funnel vision.
  • You need more than a high income but investments as well.  Try to acquire multiple streams of income.

Skin Care/Beauty

Pamela Williams

o   Hydrate your skin by moisturizing and drinking plenty of water.

o   Change your pillowcases frequently to keep your skin clean and healthy.

Ms. Williams furthered rocked the house by sharing her entrepreneurship and business savvy skills with us.

  • She states that you have to prioritize and make sacrifices to reach your goals.  Sometimes you have to take a step back to take two steps forward.  

Sexual Health

Omotunde Sowole-West

  • Learn and know your body.  Take a mirror and look at your vagina.  Get to know what your vagina looks like, so you can know when something is not right.
  • If you do not know what you like, it will be difficult to tell your partner how to please you à masturbation is healthy.
  • Communication is key to a healthy relationship and sex life. 
  • Seeking Your Vision

  Nicki Sanders

  • Procrastinating, people pleasing and perfectionism are self-destructive behaviors.  Set a plan and take action.
  • Take into account your values, joys, morals, and goals to define what your version of success.
  • Boundaries are healthy and necessity for the giver and receiver. 

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