The Glass Celling was Almost Broken

Three Things All Women Can Learn from Hillary Clinton

Regardless of your politics, we can all agree that Hillary Clinton running for president has been inspiring.  Although she is not the first woman to run for president, she has set herself apart as one of the leading women in worldwide politics.  Here are a few lessons we can learn from Hillary:

Do not give up! 

This picture is courtesy of hillary

This picture is courtesy of hillary

Hillary did not let her defeat in the 2008 presidential election break her down.  Instead she got back up and obtained more experience to be better prepared for the position she ultimately wanted.   Now Hillary is considered the most qualified person, ever, to run for president.  This has hit a personal note for me, as it is easy to feel defeated when you do not get the position or the opportunities you feel you deserve.  However, Hilary demonstrates that perseverance and determination is unstoppable.

She does not let her past mistakes define her. 

Hillary has been in the public eye for many years and due to this many of her decisions are out in the open.  The good thing for many of us is the benefit of privacy in our daily lives.  However, when our skeletons fall out of our closet we can learn from Hillary to apologize and move on.  This shows ownership and maturity.  Do not ponder on your mistakes, everyone is entitled to make mistakes, learn from them and move on.  Remain focus on your goals and not the past.

 Intelligence is great but people like personality too. 

In the last debate Hillary showed more personality then she has during her entire campaign.  This reminded me of how being prepared, being informed and knowledgeable is a great beginning but is not all you need.  Being personable and allowing people to see you at vulnerable moments is what builds relationships.  And allows people to connect with you to see your skills, abilities and knowledge.

Overall, Hillary has demonstrated that perseverance, determination and preparation can take you to reaching your dreams.  


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