The Day I Accomplished One of My Dreams

Book Signing Recap


I remember in 7th grade reading class, my teacher asked us to write a list of our life goals.  My list included things such as, travel the world, buy a house, have a career and to live comfortably, and write a self-help book.  My teacher asked, “What do you mean ‘self-help book?!’”   And I told her, “I want to write a book to help people have more peace.” 

Well it happened I wrote my first two books and had my signing June 11, 2016.  The Rhymes and Hues of Ebony – A Poetic Coloring Book for the Inspiration and Self-Reflection of the African American Woman and Color Me to Discovery - A Combined Coloring Book and Journal for the Self-Reflection and Inspiration of Women.  The book signing went great! We had plenty of food and games and I was overwhelmed with joy.  It was the largest turn out of all of my events.  It was such a blessing. 

However, the day after the book signing I became overwhelmed not with success but with apprehension – How was I going to continue to sell and market my books?! My mind started racing 100 miles per minute.  I could barely breath.  Although, I have received complements about the event and the books, I was consumed by the possibility of failure.  So I started to scramble and brainstorm all the ways I could promote and market my book.

"You got to crawl before you walk."

Then this small voice in my head said “E.B. you got to crawl before you walk. Take one step at a time and enjoy each moment.”  So I ignored it because I had an urgency to do something.  I did not want to lose momentum.  A few days later the voice came again “What happened the last time you rushed something?!  Remember you got to crawl before you walk.”  So I paused and thought instead of getting as much done as possible, let me get each step done as effectively and efficiently as possible.  In fact, despite the fact my book did not hit the New York Times’ Best Sellers List, my book release was a major accomplishment.  It was something have I dreamed of since I was in the 7th grade. 

While I am not trying to brag, my book signing, made me realize how extraordinary blessed I am to have a God that encourages and inspires me.  A God that allows me to pick myself back up after defeat.  A God that gives me people who took time from their jobs, children, and families to celebrate with me.  Life is one of those things that does not happen overnight or in a flash, but instead happens one moment, one second at a time.  More importantly, success does not come to you like a speeding bullet, but through thoughtful small mundane steps, that are appreciated.  You start any goal, any milestone, with inspiration, and you continue with actions, but you finish with appreciation.

"Success is not an opportunity to worry.  It is an opportunity to express gratitude and rejoice that you are on to another chapter of your life. "

Each and every one of us has dreamed.  Regardless of when or how you accomplish your dreams, you should still celebrate yourself, each and every time.  Do not get caught up on comparing your accomplishments to others, but embrace your journey.  Success is not an opportunity to worry.  It is an opportunity to express gratitude and rejoice that you are on to another chapter of your life.  So no matter how small or large you think your moments of success are, you should celebrate, because success does not happen all at once but one step at a time.

I am hoping that this post helps people take a little time to humbly celebrate their successes.  Not to be apprehensive about all the “what ifs” in life, but to embrace their hard work and journey.  It is only through gratitude that you can truly experience and flourish in life. 

The Rhymes and Hues of Ebony and Color Me to Discovery is now available on Amazon. I hope that these books inspire you as much as they have inspired me. 

Photos from the Celebration

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