Birds tweeting

The air whisking against my cheeks

Rays peeking in my window

Ensuing a fight with the sun

Mr. Sunshine refuses to leave

Yearning to sink deeper into my king size sheets

A roaster crows

A 15 minute snooze rapidly dissipating

I think -

So many things to do today

My ungrateful boss

A boring lunch

Nosey Coworkers

Traffic lights

Horns blurring

Is it Friday, yet?

Gradually I rise out my bed

Stretch my neck

Rotate my shoulders

 Praising the Lord for another day

The Acknowledgment

It was me looking back at me

Inquiring my mind, about this reflection, I see


I wonder, who, is this brown eyed, brown faced girl


Rebellious times tinkling in my eyes and selfishly reminiscing


Melting into the caramel mold of the woman, I see

The rising sun tickles my skin

  Transmitting energy and bouncing radiance  

Eclipsing on my savorless fun

Woman, I see?


Making my footprint, I take the first step

Praying on my knees, that the Lord guides me

Faithfully walking, but sinfully living

Stumbling on a tightrope


I struggle to define the brown eyes and brown face reflecting back at me

But I smile

 It is, me!

The Things in the Night


There are certain things, which keep me up at night

These are the things, which make me shiver with regret

Unspoken assumptions

Retaliated with misspoken and misplaced words

Grappled with the fury of red

These are the things, which go bump in the night

A bruised fate and an un-walked destiny

Bursting with greatness

But remaining with self-doubt and uncertainty

 Until I am green in the face with the ordinary

These are the things, which creep in the night

Slowly walking up my bed sheets, silken my skin

But reminding me, I am all alone

Dreaming of adulterated love

Awakening broken hearted and reawakening to my courageous existence

Auspiciously mending the pieces -- back again

I am reminded of the things, which keep me up at night