Museum of Sex

A Review of My Trip to the Museum of Sex in

New York City

My trip to New York City was great, but the Museum of Sex was just okay.  With a $25 entry fee I thought I would learn so much more about sex but instead I found myself feeling like I was at a middle school science exhibit reading a bunch of glossy poster boards. Overall, I would go again but not for $25. 


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Easiest Way to Ride

Easiest Way to Ride

Riding can be intimidating for many women.  However, it does not require any special skill to do it correctly.  Before getting into the techniques of the cowgirl position, lets first discuss your feelings about it.  When you say you “hate” being on top, does that mean that you hate it, because you do not feel like you are good at it? Or does that mean you hate it, because you are not comfortable with the level of intimacy involved?  

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