Elpis - Sacred Inner Goddess Tribe

Elpis is the Greek Goddess of hope.  We named our tribe after her because as women we often need encouragement, hope and support to become our authentic selves.  This group provides opportunity for friendships and the knowledge and power to embrace yourself at every stage of life. 

For only $10 per month ($120 per year) you can join this exclusive group to reclaim your authentic self. Membership perks include:

  1. Monthly tarot reading

  2. Access to our exclusive Inner Goddess Facebook group

  3. Weekly self-reflection exercises

  4. One 15 minutes online self-care coaching session per month

  5. Discounts on all products 

  6. Discounts on all reading and coaching services

  7. Free copy of Color Me to Discovery

  8. Special access to all events

  9. Access to the 30 Day Inner Goddess Boot Camp

For a short time only we are providing a 30% discount of $84 for a full year.

To become a member complete the registration form below. Once we receive your registration form we will send you a paypal request. Once your payment is received you will receive our introduction package and can schedule your first self-care coaching session.

Please Note: That you are not a member of the Tribe until your full payment is received. Also, please see our legal notice and disclaimer for more information about our coaching services.

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