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A Poetic Coloring Book for the Creative Self-Reflection and Relaxation for African American Woman

 The Rhymes and Hues of Ebony is an adult coloring book designed specifically for the inspired and creative African American woman who seeks to release her stress through creative and colorful means.  It contains personal essays that capture the beauty of friendship and family, inspirational quotes that motivate and inspire you, and unique poems that every woman can relate to.  The Rhymes and Hues of Ebony is a sure pleasure. Every woman will find comfort in the retelling of heartbreak, love, friendships, relationships, and the growing pains of life.

This book contains:

30 coloring pages

11 poems

4  essays


Illustrated By:


Julie Sheah is a graphic artist based in Washington, DC. She has studied and practiced for several years in illustration, graphic design, and printmaking. Her education and artistic journey has taken her from Texas to DC, Italy, and Israel with no plans of stopping.


Color Me to Discovery is a coloring book intended for women to creatively reduce stress, learn about themselves, and create beautiful art.  As it explores the five themes of self-love, forgiveness, relationships, strength and courage, and sex, this book will take you through guided meditation exercises for each theme and will supply you with reflection questions intended for your self-exploration and growth.  Most importantly, Cupid’s Planner hopes that this book will provide you with an opportunity to relax and grow.

Color Me to Discovery Contains:

25 Inspirational Coloring Pages

  25 Journal Pages

5 Meditation Exercises

Insightful Advice

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